Why is Social Media Important for Business?

Sure, getting your businesses name out there is important, but why social media? Well, just take a second to think of the last couple random people you saw. I can guarantee that a high percentage of them had some sort of smartphone or piece of technology that could be linked to them having access to the internet. Because of the insane growth of the internet over the past decade or so, many businesses are finding that staying connected to consumers through social media is simple and effective. People love it when they can stay connected with their favorite brands, and whenever consumers can get a fast response from a massive company, they are usually more likely to buy again from that company.

Social media is a status now. If your business doesn’t have a social media of some sort, you are falling behind. Many people are turning away from traditional sign advertisement and moving to Facebook ads. The reason being is that because so many people use social media and look up certain subjects, the ads can actually target certain demographics to provide a greater result. The reason this can happen is because the algorithms used in Facebook track what you do on the site, and then use that information to show you related topics and ads based on the things you like or have been searching for in the past few days.

One of the biggest reasons to have social media for your business, large or small, is the brand recognition. If you can gather an audience that views your social media posts every day, you can easily spread the word about your company without having to even ask people to do it. Plus, if you use more than one social media website, you can spread your reach and people that happen to use these different medias will see your business more and more often, and eventually click on it to see what it’s all about.

But not only is social media effective for gaining profit, but also for cutting costs. Social media, at the basic level, does not require any money to be put into it for you to start posting on that site. Sure, you could hire someone to post for you, but this is not a requirement. Once you start building a strong following, you can move into a different strategy and begin to use the money that you have earned in regards to your social media to strengthen your reputation. You can hire someone to post for you, have a graphic designer give you an overlay for all of your pictures so that they look very professional, and even have that person you hired run multiple accounts on different social medias.

Once you grow a good following on social media and your businesses name on social media alone is a common keyword, you can move into SEO. SEO can use your social media status to help you reach the front page of google. While social media is not required for SEO, it is a nice buff to have and give to whoever is setting up the search engine optimization for you.

Mobile Marketing for Loyal Customers

Over a few years, mobile marketing will get much of the limelight in the marketing sphere. It offers constant and available access to your customer’s eyeballs. The final aspect of any marketing campaign is success. Mobile marketing is no exception. You need to be patient and open to truly understand the benefits and reap the rewards. It is better to understand that mobile marketing can affect the entire mix. When done correctly, mobile marketing can do a lot in driving sales. It is achieved fully through an integrated marketing strategy, leveraging the advantage of mobile and creative messages that targets the interests of your customers.

Always supply a call to action. Your customers need to know what they should be doing to purchase from you, and if you do not give them the answer, they will not be purchasing from you any time soon. Tell them you have what they need, and tell them how to get it.

Use mobile marketing to provide instant gratification. Using mobile marketing allows you to provide your customers with what they want now instead of having to wait. If your run a contest on Christmas. The reward will mean more to your customers if they win it on Christmas, rather than having to wait to receive the reward.

It is important to keep track of all the responses that you are getting from your mobile marketingadventure. This will allow you to know if you are doing the right thing, or if you need some improvement somewhere. Use a mobile-only web analytics service to keep track of everything.

Your mobile ad campaign must be cross-platform compatible, on every major device to maintain your customer base and their attention. If your ad only works on Android, then those are the only customers you will reach! If those with a Blackberry see a jumbled mess, your message is lost. Be sure to keep the compatibility, far reaching with every mobile ad.

When sending messages, do not at any costs use text abbreviations or all capital letters when making an emphasis. Doing so will make you have an unprofessional appearance in the eyes of your customers, which is the last thing you want to do when you are selling goods and services.

Additional Mobile Marketing Tips

Here is an tip for anyone new to mobile marketing. Go to your customers and promote in a way that matches their behavior. Many people use social networking sites or search for local products through mobile apps or mobile browsers. Advertise on the these areas to your audience better.

Include audio and video in your mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is more than text messages and e-mails. Today, with faster mobile download speeds, audio and video are key components to any successful strategy. Consider offering audio or video podcasts, short audio interviews or live, on-the-scene video to your media mix.

Here is another tip for those who wish to use qr codes for mobile marketing. When generating qr codes, be sure to use a free service. By choosing a free service, you can advertise without spending a dime to promote. Make sure the service has tracking so you can know who scans your codes.

As stated before, many companies look for ways to reach a wider audience that differ from other marketing methods. They use mobile marketing, which allows them to advertise on mobile devices. By using the advice from the article above, you can adapt mobile marketing to work with your business.

Keys to Great Marketing

Marketing success requires not only insight into how a product or service can be successfully marketed but also flexibility into the marketing of a product or service. This is one of the marketing principles that doesn’t seem to be taught successfully. Too many times, the “marketing gurus” will promote a type of marketing that has worked for them to the exclusion of all other types of marketing.

Innovation, creativity and flexibility are needed in any type of marketing efforts. Trying several types of marketing is usually the best method of eliminating marketing methods that fail, and determining which marketing methods are successful.

Online business or any type of business for that matter demands perseverance and determination. Perseverance and determination are also promoted heavily by the marketing gurus. However, perseverance and determination does NOT mean sticking with a marketing method that is incorrect for the product or service or NOT producing any results. It does not mean continuing self-defeating marketing methods over and over at a loss each and every month.

Now the type of marketing they promote may very well have worked well for them, but it is folly to believe that one marketing method and one marketing method only will work for every product or service everywhere. This just is not the reality as marketing methods can be as unique as the products and services that are marketed.

The Power of Creative Marketing

Creativity and an open mind help immensely when determining marketing methods. Perseverance and dedication are important, of course. But they must be applied correctly, along with flexibility and innovation, for success to occur in a business. All avenues should be pursued with perseverance and dedication and then choices of marketing methods made based upon the results. After all, results are what make a marketing method successful! Without results, any marketing method is a dismal failure.

In the end,  keep marketing. Your success or failure hinges on your marketing. Always maintain your marketing mindset. Always be focussed on marketing. It’s a common trap to get caught up in the day to day ‘operation’ of your business and put marketing aside. This is a recipe for disaster. How effectively you market will be the most influential determinant on the success (or otherwise) of your business. Marketing is not difficult or confusing, but it does require significant ongoing diligence and attention. The moment you lose focus on marketing your business is the moment your business performance will suffer.

Finally, implement your plan. This is the most difficult part. Implementation of your plan. Modify it where required, change your goals as others are attained, modify your plan if flaws are perceived, but always continue implementing. Non-action is the precursor of business failure. If you continue to implement, your business will always sustain forward momentum. If you have momentum, your direction (goals and plans) can always be adjusted.

Whatever product or service you are marketing, don’t be afraid to get creative. Stand apart from the crowd and prove to consumers why your product or service matters.

6 Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or e-marketing is basically marketing products or services online. Internet marketing utilizes various internet platforms to market a product or service. Some of those methods are pay-per-click, banner ads, and targeted emails. These methods are used to bring out possible values to the advertiser. In this tech-dependent world, utilizing internet marketing has become crucial for businesses and services. Here are some benefits of internet marketing.

Internet Marketing

Global Reach:

Internet marketing helps business people to overcome the distance barriers. With internet marketing and other internet tools, it is possible to sell a product in any part of the world without setting up an outlet. It helps to widen the market reach of the product. It is possible to run an export business even without starting a network of retailers in any country. The advertisement of the product or service reaches global perspectives using various internet marketing strategies.


Internet marketing is not time restricted. The marketing campaigns and programs can be viewed 24×7. It reduces the cost of overtime pay for employees in the business. The product on the internet marketing platforms can be viewed and purchased anytime the customer is convenient. International time zones do not affect the reach of the advertisements and internet marketing.


The capital requirement for internet marketing is very low and sometimes no start-up capital is required. There are various platforms for internet marketing. The organization can start social media marketing and advertising, blog marketing, targeted email marketing with very less investment when compared to the traditional marketing methods.


Personalization in internet marketing is a definitive type of focused marketing. It is sending messages and emails to targeted purchasers. All things considered, it is frequently a robotized procedure, utilizing software programming to create the personalized messages, and building client driven proposal websites rather than organization driven e-commerce websites.

After sales relationship:

The internet marketing offers consumer care like the traditional business people give their business card after the sale or service to customers in order to contact them for issues and mal-functioning of products. E-commerce websites send a personalized email or text message to the customer to confirm the purchase and transaction.


Social media plays a crucial role in internet marketing. The online revenue growth is highly linked to social media networking. It is proven that a product or service, when advertised on social media, generated increased sales of around 5%. The organizations take advantage of the social media marketing campaigns to increase the global reach of their product or service.