Local Search Marketing Tips for Small Business

Local search marketing is a very important thing for your small business. Owning a small business can be tough if you aren’t finding enough customers to buy your product, so knowing these few tips can really help you grow your small business and find new customers locally. One important thing to do with a small business is to really focus in and stay small. You never want to try to expand at a rate that your consumers can’t keep up with. What I mean by this is if you try to expand too much in a small amount of time, you won’t have enough customers to fulfill your income needs and you may find yourself going into debt. Keeping your business profitable is the key factor in keeping it alive, so be sure to stay small if you don’t have the room to grow.

One thing that is very useful is to have a website that not only looks good on computers, but also on phones. Many people use their phones to search for new products these days, so making sure your website is mobile friendly and easy to navigate on a phone is a plus. Next up is deciding where you want your customers to be from. Never try to go out of your way to find people in places that are far away when all you need to do is focus on those right around you. Be sure to keep your business location consistent and in the same place so that whenever someone google searches your business, every single place it comes up on google will say the same few things like the name, location, phone numbers, and product.

Additional Tips

You are going to also want to use keywords on your website that will boost traffic coming to your site. Try to think of common searches that people may type in to google that apply to your business, and have your developer or you make the keywords reflect these searches. Never try to put too many keywords into your site, as it could pull in many different directions and the people that you want to show up at your website end up somewhere else only because you have too many words attached to your business. Keep it plain, simple, and consistent.

You will also want to claim your listings through search engines so that you can display information that is accurate across all different types of search engines. You want to make sure that you cover each and every popular search engine and your information is accurate. Always make sure your business information is correct so that when people do find your website, it all lines up with what they saw on their search engine.

Always be sure to check on your websites performance regularly and monitor the traffic that is coming in. If you use a developer to keep your website running, be sure to have them give you regular updates to see how your local search marketing is working.

For more tips, visit Moz.