What are the Key Elements of Web Strategy?

Web Strategy

Web strategy is finding new prospects to change the client’s business into a successful one using the information available on the existing status of the client’s business. Web strategy is about selecting the proper technologies that can be utilized to create opportunities and solve problems. It is more than just a content strategy. The three main elements of web strategy are the user, the business, and the tools.

Web Strategy


The web strategy consultant must recognize and comprehend the requirements of the client using some tactics and knowledge of the client’s existing business status. This process is commonly known among business strategists as user experience research which is used to create an ‘imaginative model.’ The web strategy consultant is also required to observe the community in which the client’s website is a part of. A user experience research is more than just understanding the client’s business. The consultant should also analyze about the partners of the clients, competitors, and perspectives.

Skills required: Product and community marketing, user experience, social media skills, client support.


The most important element of the web strategy is that the business the consultant is dealing with. It requires the web strategy consultant to understand the long-term objective of the website. This element of the web strategy requires the consultant to internally manipulate the client’s organization to increase the determined limitation in resources. A website of an organization that is not associated with the business and market goals is expected to fail. The requirements of the user can often match the requirements of the business, but it will not be appropriate in many cases. The consultant should also know the requirements of the shareholders of the business and analyze the external sources.

Skills required: Understanding the political schemes, product, and process management, observing the market status, comprehending the end goals of the business.


A web strategy consultant must remain updated on new technologies and existing technology tools that can be utilized to solve client’s problems and create new perspectives to transform the business. They are required to analyze the strength, importance, benefits, expenses, and restrictions. The tools of technology will reduce the range of users and business requirements. The web strategy consultant must make use of the tools to move forward in the process of the client’s business success.

Skills required: Software development, web tech experiments, how to theorize and tackle the tools, web architecture.